"The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run"

Torso Murders/F.A.Q.s

Q: Why did you start this site? A: Because of a mutual interest in crime and this crime in particular.

Q: How many victims were there? A: That's debatable. At least 13.

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Q: Was there a connection between these crimes and Jack the Ripper? A: It seems unlikely chiefly because of the time frames.

Q: Was the killer ever identified? A: The actual identity was speculated on, but nobody was ever caught and nobody has ever paid for these crimes.

Q: What source material did you use? A: See the bibliography.

Q: Is there a link between the Black Dahlia murders and the Torso slayings? A: There is speculation about this subject and we plan to add a series of pages dealing with this aspect.

Q: How were the victims lured?

Q: Why was only one victim killed on the spot?

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