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"My girlfriend and I were walking to the movies. It was later at night and we were going under a bridge. We felt safe because my dog, Jack was with us. Jack was a good dog. After a while we noticed Jack was gone, he'd run off. We heard him whimpering and called him to us . He came to me and I could see he had something. I said, "drop it, boy" and he did. He was a good dog. What he dropped was a human hand, from "the butcher".


"The area has changed, but only by so much. The bridges are still the same. We'd go to dinner at Superior and 39th. Chung Wah's Chinese restaurant was located there. Coming from the west, you pass under the railroad tracks on Superior. Its old, almost prehistoric.  And right there, if you look, there's holes in the bridge, in the infrastructure. My Mom would say that the butcher stuffed the body parts in there, right in the holes. I've eaten there since, now it's  called "The Town Fryer" (now closed). When we get out of the car to this day, I can't help but look up at the bridge and remember."

The above stories, in some variation were told to me by my Mother, usually late at night, in the fall, usually you know, around Halloween. Of course,  my siblings and I believed every word and wanted more. This was the way I first became familiar with the story, legend and facts of the Cleveland Torso Murders. So, thank you, Mom, for scaring the Hell out of me.

Torso - definition:
  1. a sculptured representation of the trunk of a human body
  2. something (as a piece of writing) that is mutilated or left unfinished
  3. the human trunk

This definition is cited from Merriam - Webster online dictionary. Link - the underlines are by us.

Cleveland's so called torso murders (chiefly named that because that's usually what they found) were perhaps the most sensational crimes to happen not in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles but in Cleveland, Ohio, home of less than a million people. During a time span of roughly 4 years from 1934 to 1938, at least 13 known victims were and have been attributed to this series of unsolved slayings. The crimes were almost evenly committed against  both sexes, 7 males and 6 females, so the murders don't appear to be gender based, ala Jack the Ripper. Also known as the Kingsbury Run murders (after the supposed perpetrator, the "Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run", Kingsbury Run Photo being the principle area the torsos were found) the bodies started appearing shortly after Eliot Ness appeared in Cleveland. With only 2 bodies identified, the killer was either lucky or chose his or her victims well. Ness was never able to solve these crimes and went to his grave a broken, alcoholic shadow of the legend he once was. As the title of at least one book attests, he may have been the 14th victim.



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